Prioritise your time - do less and achieve more

We all seem to be leading busier lives, juggling different demands such as careers, family commitments as well as the constant demands from social media too. I used to always be go, go, go and seemed to thrive on doing as much as possible. I thought being busy and getting lots of things done meant I was being productive and doing well. I have come to realise this is totally the opposite and doing less makes me achieve more. 

Living in London, or any large city, it's pretty much non-stop 24/7, working hard to achieve your personal and business goals as well as trying to find time for friends and family. It may seem inspirational but in the end it can lead to exhaustion and burn-out with no time for you.  Being busy isn’t always fun either: you run from one thing to the next and so it can mean you never truly get to enjoy each experience. Make sure you make time to rest and play. Busy is the killer of productivity, value your time as in the end it's the greatest thing we have. 

How do you know if you are being busy or productive? The answer is simple, how do you feel?  If at the end of each day you feel fulfilled then your day has been productive.  If instead you feel that you have not stopped rushing, filling every spare minutes since you woke, then you are suffering from the habit of busyness.  The risk of busyness is that you end up not living a life you love because it is filled with things you feel you 'have' to do rather than activities you 'love' to do.  

How do you break the habit? Check your daily schedule and calculate how much of your time is spent doing things you love versus doing things you must.  This is the start of moving from busyness to productivity.  Try and make sure that each day you devote some time for pursuing your goals whatever they may be.  Each week assess what you have actually achieved so that you can start to see the difference between filling your time and being fulfilled.  

So the next time you are rushing around being busy, try and remember that 'it is better to do nothing than be busy doing nothing' - Lao Tzu

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