The end of the year - the start of an adventure

It's December and almost the end of the year 2017 but we hope that this is the beginning of something new, not just for ourselves, but for a whole community of like-minded people, who want to achieve their goals and dreams and who also want to support others on the same path to fulfilment.

Although getting to the launch of a new business seems like a destination in itself, it is in fact only the first step of our adventure, and like any first step it has had its challenges. There have even been days where one or both of us have wanted to give up. We doubted ourselves, the process and when we faced difficulties we even wondered if it was never meant to be. As with any dream, it is easy during the hard times to focus on all the reasons it won’t work. But we kept remembering the one reason why we were doing it – and that was to help others like ourselves truly live the life they want.

Our dream started in the gym one day. Liz was helping me work out and recover from a knee operation and when I could draw breath, I was passing on legal tips to her about the sale of her business. As we chatted we both realised we were feeling the same way, we both had more to give to life but we were not sure in what direction to move. We were at a crossroads and so we decided to create a tool that would help us work out what our next goals should be and what actions we needed to take to get there. Our new business MasterPlanner™ was born.

We believe that many people (like us) are going through the motions of living their lives but not actually living their dreams. We decided to change that and go after our dreams by creating something that helped others achieve theirs.

 So if you are starting out on your journey to living the life you want, these are our top three tips:

  • Find someone to support you as your journey may get bumpy at times. We noticed that working together gave us the courage to pursue our goal and gave us someone to lean on when the going got tough.
  • Be grateful for where you are now as that will give you the confidence to take the next step.   Most things cannot be achieved in a single giant leap and your path to success is likely to involve a number of small steps. Being grateful for achieving each small step, helped us remain positive and gave us the energy to keep moving forward.
  • Make the time to create your dream life. It is so easy to let all the tasks of daily life take over and distract you from your path. Day to day life cannot be ignored but nor can your need to fulfil your dreams, so make time for both.

Good luck with your adventure to living the life you love.

One day or day one, you decide

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