Our Story

MasterPlanner™ was created by two friends, Liz and Lucy, in 2017 when they both found themselves at personal and professional crossroads.  

Having just sold her business Liz was wondering what she might do next, she had loads of ideas but was struggling to prioritise her goals.  Lucy, a former lawyer, was looking to pursue a more fulfilling career now that her children were all at school, but she never quite found the time as everyday life had a habit of getting in the way! 

Liz and Lucy realised they sounded like everybody else… talking about things they wanted to do ‘some day’ but never actually getting started.  They were determined to be different, and set about creating a tool that would motivate them and turn their chat into action. Many flat whites later, the idea of MasterPlanner™ was born.  

The MasterPlanner™ is #NotJustADiary - it is a pocket life coach, a business mentor, and a personal assistant all in one. By breaking down big ideas into smaller simple step by step tasks, it helps make our goals real and achievable.  The aim of MasterPlanner™ is to help make dreams come true by turning the ‘some day’ into now.