How to use your MasterPlanner

Here's a look at some of the inside pages of MasterPlanner to give you a better idea of how it works.

Intro to your MasterPlanner 

We start with an introduction and simple step by step guide to help you set out your goals and break them down in your MasterPlanner.  Begin by looking at your life goals, don't hold back, it's meant to be fun dreaming BIG!

Monthly goal setting 

Once you have identified your life goals you then work backwards.  Think about where you want to be in 3 years time.  Challenge yourself and imagine living a life you love.  Keep moving backwards in time.  Where do you need to be in a year's time to have a realistic chance of achieving your 3-year plan?  Then think about your life in 3 months and then keep moving backwards and decide where you need to be in one month.  By breaking down your goals into the steps needed to achieve them, you can start to begin your MasterPlan.  Every month think about a GameChanger - this is something that changes the way you do or think to help encourage you to move forwards.  Sometimes it will be a new way of working and other months it may be a reminder to stay motivated - whatever helps you feel inspired.  Then write in the steps for that month that you want to take to achieve your monthly goal.  Each month move forward towards your goal by taking the next small steps.  Keep referring back to your 3-year and 1-year plan to help remind you what your ultimate destination is, but remember to enjoy the journey too! 

Weekly diary layout

The weekly layout is designed to keep you on track and continually moving towards your monthly goals. There is a classic diary layout starting from 6am for those early risers, with lots of room for your appointments - we understand that your day-to-day life is still important.  However to live the life you love you need to keep space for your dreams so there is a whole section where you can set out your goals for the week.  By making each step clear and simple, goals become far more achievable. Plus there is some space to take time to reflect on the moments in the week you want to remember or are grateful for.

End of month goal review

At the end of each month we encourage you to take some time out to reflect on your goals you set. Taking stock of where you are helps to keep you on track and means you can then plan your next month. Again this is all laid out in a simple and easy to follow way, making it straightforward to use. 


End of year review

At the end of the year there is a section for you to review what you have achieved over the course of your year.  Check back to your 1-year plan - how have you done?  Consider your 3-year plan, buy your next MasterPlanner and then keep moving forward towards your dream life!